knitted sweater close-up

Loving Triangles

vintage sweater three colours

Sweater as pictured in the original pattern.

I am a huge fan of colour and, I LOVE a good colour-blocked garment. When I found this Tri-Color Sweater pattern, I knew I had to make it.

I decided to use two colours to give it an even more symmetric look than in the original pattern. I chose a superfine merino blend in hot pink and navy blue.

Colour Changes

This pattern starts with double-ribbing for four inches.  So far, so good. The next couple of rows are knitted in stockinette stitch with your main colour (pink for me). Using two balls of my contrasting colour (navy) I gradually increased my CC and decreased my MC two stitches on each row. The decreases and increases in colours continue until you reach the point of the bottom triangle. After that, you simply reverse and decrease your CC while increasing your MC.

The colourwork in a pattern like this is perfect for a beginner knitter because of the simple shapes. There is no need to follow a colour chart. I watched a lot of television while working on this sweater, and I was never distracted enough to miss a colour change.
N.B. One of my problems with colourwork is that I get too distracted and lose my place in the chart.

Dolman Sleeves Please!

Shaping the sides and the sleeves of this sweater is also a piece of cake. Instead of decreasing for armholes and knitting the sleeves separately, this pattern increases into a nice dolman sleeve.

sweater modeled from the back

Sweater back showing off the sleeve shape.

Being a woman with broader shoulders than most, I ADORE dolman sleeves. They are so comfortable wearing.

After knitting the back piece up to the neckline, you knit a front piece that is almost exactly the same.
N.B. I found the neck a bit tight once I had finished making-up the sweater. Making this again, I would leave ten or more extra stitches in the neckline.

All You Need is Love & Triangles

Overall, I think this is a great vintage pattern for a beginner to try.  Keep in mind sizing (the pattern only fits a small-medium woman). If you have a large head like me keep an eye on the neckline and make adjustments if needed.


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